During the past forty years, there has been extensive, continuous, and growing interaction between logic and computer science. In many respects, logic provides computer science with a unifying foundational framework and modeling tools.

In fact, logic has been called “the calculus of computer science,” playing a crucial role in diverse areas such as artificial intelligence, computational complexity, distributed computing, database systems, hardware design, programming languages, and software engineering.

The Federated Logic Conference brings together several leading international conferences related to mathematical logic and computer science.

The conferences  includes 10 conferences and over 40 workshops on topics of software/hardware verification and logic for computer science.

The Department of Computer Science at the Technion campus on Haifa is proud to host FLoC 2022. The department’s research activities strongly feature both logic and verification.

FLoC is held every four years and involves thousands of students and researchers from industry and academia.

Past instances of FLoC were held at top universities such as Oxford (2018), Vienna (2014), Edinburgh (2010), Seattle (2006) etc.

The FLoC organizing committee will make all possible effort to ensure everyone is able to attend in person.We are, however, very much aware that there might be members of the community who cannot travel to Israel and, in cases where travel is not possible, we will ensure people can participate remotely.





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