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Piano concert at KR 2022
open to the public

Aug 4th, 17:00-17:20
Churchill Auditorium, Technion


  • - Alexander Scriabine Prelude for the left hand, Op. 9

  • - JS Bach/Johannes Brahms Chaconne from Partita n° 2 in D minor. Arrangement for piano, left hand


François Schwarzentruber is associate professor at école normale supérieure de Rennes. 

He took piano lessons by Suzanne Muller-Gunst. He performed Beethoven's piano concertos n° 3 and 4 with the orchestra of institut national polytechnique (INP) of Toulouse,Rhapsody in Blue of Gershwin together with the university orchestra of Rennes. 

He gave several concerts, in the public library Champs Libres in Rennes, in retirement houses, but also in festivals. He won the "special Mozart and "Amateurs virtuoses" awards at International 

Ile-de-France Piano Competition (amateurs). He also composes, mostly short pieces for piano.


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