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The purpose of the FLoC 2022 Mentoring Workshop (FLoC'22 MW) is to provide mentoring and career advice to senior undergraduate and junior researchers at all stages, and to attract them to pursue research careers. The workshop will particularly encourage the participation of women and underrepresented minorities.


There will be two workshop days, one before each FLoC Conference Block, so the students can choose which one of the two they prefer to attend. The workshop program will include a number of talks and interactive sessions. The talks will give an overview of research areas related to FLoC conferences and workshops. Other talks will provide mentoring and career advice, from academia and industry.



Day one (August 1st): 

Nikolaj Bjørner, Microsoft Research, USA

     Advancing Science with Platforms and Driving Scenarios: a perspective from a researcher at Microsoft Research

Liron Cohen, Ben-Gurion University, Israel

     Managing a life that also includes research

Christoph Haase, University of Oxford, UK

     Navigating through the academic jungle

Liat Peterfreund, CNRS, LIGM, Paris-Est University, France

     How logic-based approaches can be used in data management

Ilina Stoilkovska, Amazon, UK

     From PhD to industry: A recent graduate's perspective

Day two (August 5th):

Rajeev Alur, University of Pennsylvania, USA

     Formal methods for Machine Learning

Kristin Rozier, Iowa State University, USA 

     On Time and Space (of Humans)

Neha Rungta, AWS, USA

     The golden age of automated reasoning

Natarajan Shankar, SRI, USA

     How to be an Abstraction Engineer

Alexandra Silva, Cornell University, USA

     How to Give a Good (Research) Talk


Day one: 

Nikolaj Bjørner, Microsoft Research, USA
Christoph Haase,
 University of Oxford, UK

Liat Peterfreund, CNRS, LIGM, Paris-Est University, France

Day two: 

Clark Barrett, Stanford University, USA

Orna Grumberg, Technion, Israel



FLoC Buddy:

Is this the first conference you will attend in person? We have all been there. You might not feel comfortable if you don't know anyone. Join our Buddy Program and we will help you to get in touch with another mentoring workshop attendee. Every newcomer will be assigned either a more experienced peer (a "buddy") or another newcomer, so you are not alone.

For those who are not attending a conference for the first time, being a buddy is a way for you to help the community to grow and introduce less experienced students to the field.

If you are interested, write us an email.


A number of travel and registration scholarships will be available to support students with limited funding.

Application deadline: April 11 2022

Important Dates:

Application deadline (for scholarships): April 11, 2022  April 18, 2022

The first workshop day: August 1, 2022

The second workshop day: August 5, 2022


Mentoring Workshop


Sandra Kiefer, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
Marijana Lazić, TU Munich
Caterina Urban, Inria

Mentoring Workshop

Day 1 Organizers

Marie Fortin, University of Liverpool, UK

Andrew Kent, Galois, USA

Mentoring Workshop

Day 2 Organizers

Rohit DurejaIBM, USA

Matteo Sammartino, Royal Holloway University of London, UK

Local organizer

Gail Weiss, Technion

FLoC 2022 Mentoring Workshop







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