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Transportation from Ben Gurion Airport to Haifa

To find out up-to-date transportation info, we recommend using Moovit or Google maps.

Note: Some airport and public transportion services are limited on the Sabbath. If you arrive on Friday, Saturday, or a holiday, you will probably want to rent a car or take a taxi. see more details below. 

From the Ben Gurion Airport train station, located near the arrivals hall in the airport, you can take a direct train to Haifa. Buy a ticket to the Hof HaCarmel station in Haifa and go down the escalator to the train. Make sure you board on the correct track.
Take a taxi from the Hof HaCarmel station in Haifa to your destination.

For more information, see the Israel Railways site.

Please note that the train from Ben Gurion Station to Haifa does not work at all on Fridays and Saturdays.

Plan Your Trip Using Israel Railways System >>


 >>>   Changes in Train Traffic along the Coastline (Haifa-Tel Aviv) , July 24-30  <<<

Please note! Due to works on the Railroad , temporary and significant changes will occur in the train traffic along the coastline (Haifa - Binyamina - Hadera - Tel Aviv), starting from Sunday, July 24, 2022, until Saturday, July 30, 2022 (inclusive), and continuous train service between Haifa and Tel Aviv will not be available

Train traffic will return to normal on Sunday, July 31, 2022, upon the resumption of service.



You can take an Egged bus from the airport to Haifa - Take the 905 bus to the Hof HaCarmel station in Haifa and take a city bus or taxi from Hof HaCarmel stationto your destination.

Please note that Buses don't operate on From Friday afternoon until Saturday evening**,please check hours on Egged schedule.

**Route number 905 has a few rounds during the Shabbat from Ben Gurion Airport Terminal 3 Train Station bus stop to Haifa Merkazit Khof Ha-Karmel bus stop. From the Hof HaCarmel station in Haifa take a taxi to your destination.

Plan Your Trip Using Egged Information System >>


Sherut Taxi Service
Shared taxis, called Sheruts, are available from the airport to all destinations in Israel. Sheruts are about half the price of a private taxi, so they're a good deal, especially if you're going to a distant area such as Haifa or Jerusalem. Keep in mind that you may have to wait a while, since the taxi only leaves the airport when it is full.


Fridays and Saturdays: “Amal” Taxi Company operates service taxis from Ben Gurion Airport also on Friday and Saturday. It should cost around  120 NIS per person (a shared taxi for 10 passengers).


As you exit from the terminal building, look for the supervised taxi stand. Give your destination to the dispatcher and he will direct you to the correct taxi. The fares from the airport are fixed, so the driver should not use the meter.
For Taxis inside Israel, we recommend you to download the mobile apps GETT or YANGO.

Keep in mind that the fares are typically higher on Friday evenings and Saturdays compared to other days of the week.

You can coordinate with Amal Sherut +972-4-8662324 for taxi to pick you up from your hotel/Dorms to the airport.


Rental Cars
Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, SIXT and other local firms have offices at the airport.

Parking on Campus

An entrance permit has been arranged for all Floc participants. Parking on campus is allowed for FLOC guests. Free parking is available based on availability. It is recommended to place inside the car where visible FLOC logo. Red and white curb parking is not allowed.

Transportation to the Conference and Workshops

Free shuttles from Haifa hotels to the Technion and back

Public transportation
Public transportation in Israel is operated by a nationwide rechargeable travel card known as Rav-Kav

Cards can be picked up in major train and bus stations. If you are arriving from the airport by train, and plan on using public transit later on, it is recommended that you collect a card (one per person) at the airport train station. Charging Rav-Kav can be done online with a credit card via the official mobile app (requires an NFC-capable device). See here for information on how to install and use the app.

Alternatively, you can use HopOn (Rav-Pass) or Moovit, which allow both charging Rav-Kav and paying for bus trips directly by scanning a QR code located in the bus. They can also be used for train trips, with a slightly different procedure: you need to enable location services on your device, which will allow the app to detect your station of origin, and a QR code will appear on your device's screen. The gateways at the train station are equipped with QR scanners to validate your entry.

(Links for 🍎 users: HopOnMoovit)

For Taxis inside Israel, we recommend you to download the mobile apps GETT or YANGO.

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