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Don Knuth

Talk Title: All Questions Answered

During the past two years, the speaker has been drafting Section of The Art of Computer Programming, which is intended to be a solid introduction to techniques for solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems. The CP 2022 conference is an excellent opportunity for him to get feedback from the leading experts on the subject, and so he was delighted to learn that the organizers were also interested in hearing a few words from him.

Rather than giving a canned lecture, he much prefers to let the audience choose the topics, and for all questions to be kept a secret from him until the lecture is actually in progress. (He believes that people often learn more from answers that are spontaneously fumbled than from responses that are carefully preplanned.)
Questions related to constraints will naturally be quite welcome, but questions on any subject whatsoever will not be ducked! He'll try to answer them all as best he can, without spending a great deal of time on any one topic, unless there is special interest to go into more depth.
Meanwhile he hopes to have drafted some notes for circulation before the conference begins, in case some attendees might wish to focus some of their questions on expository material related to his forthcoming book, either during this session or informally afterwards.
Warning: His least favorite questions have the form "What is your favorite X?" If you want to ask such questions, please try to do it cleverly so that he doesn't have to choose between different things that he loves in different ways.

If you wish to download the current draft of Section or ask Prof Knuth a question, please see :


Brief Bio:

Don Knuth (1938--) is Professor Emeritus of The Art of Computer Programming at Stanford University, where he joined the faculty in 1969,
after having been a mathematics professor at Caltech.
His life's work, begun in 1962 and ongoing, has been to write a series of books called The Art of Computer Programming.
But he took time off for 10 years to develop the TeX and METAFONT systems for typography and literate programming.

Don Knuth
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